Sales for Project Managers, finally a Workshop!

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As a part of the program that the Localization Institute put together this year for Localization World in Paris, and in tune with both the increased competition in the Language Market and the low cost substitution of suppliers, for the first time we look to formally empower the professionals that perform in the day to day front line, and are the main interface with the customer: Project Managers.

If you are a Project Manager, or have project managers reporting to you, the most powerful tool you have to retain customers is soft sales skills and a prime customer service approach.


I don’t know your company, or business model, but if you are struggling to renew contracts with your customers, or to have them return with new business, chances are that your Project Management team has not developed engagement skills to go beyond a project facilitator role.

Customer fidelization is not a matter of luck, and you probably experienced that your Sales Team has a somewhat limited influence in this area.

In this full-day workshop we will provide your Project Managers with some soft sales techniques, or rather some purchase facilitation techniques to help your staff bond with your customers from a solution provider perspective.

I would love to see you in the workshop, but mostly, your customers would!


When:     June 4, 2012

Where:    Localization World 2012, Paris.

Who should attend:
Vendor or buyer side Project Managers, Project coordinators and Production Directors related to Language Services and globalization either from the translation, localization, consulting, technology or marketing side.

Additional Info and Registration

Send your questions to Mauricio Garza, the speaker