CRANK PROJECT is a Sales Optimization consulting initiative

There is a time in the evolution process and maturity level of companies when, in a most natural way, they need to optimize their sales system.

Optimization your sales system means looking at it in terms of a model, process, a sequence of events; and, as importantly, it means looking at it in terms of ideas, methodologies, and knowledge that may come from outside your corporation.

Moving to the “next level” implies a shift in the way we understand sales performance. There, to “try harder” and perform the same activities more intensely is not very likely to bring significantly better results.

CRANK PROJECT maximizes the potential, and reduces the learning curve of your sales force; consistently shortens your sales cycle, and helps you achieve your sales goals, improve your cash-flow, and empower your sales team through motivation and knowledge.



Strategically located in Barcelona, Spain, CRANK PROJECT can address your needs wherever you, or your network of partners and resellers may be.

…The framework of the PROJECT is named Crank as in: “crank out, to make or produce in a mass-production, effortless, or mechanical way: She’s able to crank out one after another” and “crank up: to get started or ready”, “to stimulate, activate, or produce”, and most importantly “to increase one’s efforts, output, etc.: Industry began to crank up after the new corporate standard.”